By Franklin Family Dentistry
September 27, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Can you get a same-day crown in Franklin, NY? You can if you're a patient of Dr. J. David Fowler. At Franklin Family Dentistry, Dr. Fowler crownsand his highly skilled team offer a wide range of restorative services which precisely and realistically bring smiles back to full appearance, health and function. Same-day crowns are just one of these restorations, but they are a much sought after one because of the advantages they offer patients of all ages. Would you like to leave the dental office with a new crown after just one visit? Learn how you can!

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a custom-fabricated, tooth-shaped cap of porcelain. Besides restoring the appearance of a heavily decayed, cracked, malformed or abscessed tooth, a crown covers it all the way to the gum line and strengthens it as well.

For decades, crowns took multiple dental visits to design, craft, place and adjust. Now, however, Dr. Fowler can do the job chairside--in other words, right in the treatment room--in one appointment. The material of choice is porcelain.

The benefits of a same-day crown in Franklin

Obviously, you, the patient, save time when getting a same-day crown. However, there are many other benefits to this outstanding dental technology--things such as:

  1. Precision fit Dr. Fowler uses CAD-CAM technology to take your oral impressions (no more messy trays and putty) and to design your restoration. CAD-CAM means computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing. Combined with the skill of an experienced dentist such as Dr. Fowler, CAD-CAM design and milling renders well-fitting restorations that last.
  2. Durability Today's dental-grade porcelain is so strong your dentist may use it for most crown applications. With good at-home and in-office care, a same-day crown can last a decade or even longer.
  3. Realistic appearance You may watch your new crown being made from a single block of fine porcelain. When it's finished, your dentist will shade and detail it so it matches your smile perfectly and also performs well.
  4. Versatility Same-day crowns may cover dental implants or function as part of a multi-tooth bridge.
  5. The WOW factor Dental Economics magazine says that patients who receive CAD-CAM crowns are delighted with the results.

Do you qualify?

Dr. Fowler can tell you if a same-day crown is your perfect restoration. He'll perform a complete oral examination, take X-rays and other imaging and outline a care plan individualized to your needs. If a same-day crown would work, yes, you'll leave the office in just an hour or two with a great-looking restoration.

So why not come to Franklin Family Dentistry today to find out more? Call the office team (270) 586-0606 to book your appointment.