By Franklin Family Dentistry
November 01, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry  

Many patients finally make the decision to visit a dentist because they want to cosmetically improve their smiles. A survey published by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that patients have a 99 percent degree of concern about the appearance of their smiles. You should consider cosmetic dentistry if you envision yourself having a better-looking smile and you’re ready to take action to make that happen. A dentist at Franklin Family Dentistry in Franklin, KY, can assist you.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?
Have you ever wondered what your smile would look like with just one minor update? Maybe you’d like to close a gap between your front  teeth,  or whiten the enamel a few shades so that they glow. Maybe one tooth is out of place giving you a “snaggle tooth” smile that you’d like to straighten out. The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to provide you with treatments that can repair all of these issues and more.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments to Consider
You might not be familiar with all of the cosmetic dentistry treatments available at Franklin Family Dentistry in Franklin, KY. Here are a few that you may want to consider when you see your dentist for a consultation:

- Dental implants, an alternative to tooth replacement with temporary dentures.
- Veneers, which change the shape, size, and spacing of the teeth in a matter of weeks.
- Crowns for dental aesthetics and protection.
- Braces (metal, ceramic, or Invisalign plastic aligners) to straighten the teeth.
- Inlays, onlays, and tooth-colored fillings.
- Dental bonding and contouring.

Benefits of a Cosmetically Improved Smile
Many patients don’t fully understand the benefits of having a nice, cosmetically-improved set of teeth until they look in the mirror and see how their new smiles look. You can finally smile with confidence without hesitating or hiding your teeth in pictures. You can laugh without worrying that someone is noticing a dark-colored filling or a gap between your teeth. Patients who have good-looking teeth may also be more likely to prioritize their dental health and hygiene.

See a Cosmetic Dentist
A brief visit with a cosmetic dentist will allow you to explore all of your cosmetic dentistry options. Call (270) 586-0606 today for an appointment with Dr. J. David Fowler at his office in Franklin, KY.