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September 26, 2019
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Would you like to have a beautiful, complete smile once again? At Franklin Family Dentistry, Dr. J. David Fowler uses the latest diagnostic and surgical techniques to place guided dental implants, today's best tooth replacement. Learn details here.

What is a Franklin guided dental implant?

A dental implant an artificial tooth. Dr. Fowler places the titanium screw or cylinder directly into the jaw bone, and after the bone and gums heal, he attaches a metal post and porcelain crown. This completes the appearance and functionality of the new tooth.

Why are Dr. Fowler's implants called "guided dental implants?' He uses special cone beam computerized tomography to assess your bone structure and bite before implant placement. Then, during the surgical procedure itself, he utilizes the three-dimensional images to ensure the implant device situates properly in the jaw bone. explains that cone beam scans provide precise images of both hard and soft oral tissues. They allow Dr. Fowler to insert the titanium implants in the right area, with the proper angle and depth. This accuracy allows for complete osseointegration, the process whereby your bone adheres to the dental implant.

Additionally, your Franklin dentist reliably may place multiple dental implants as needed. Two, four, or six implants receive and support partial or full dentures for the edentulous patient who wishes the most stable prosthetics possible.

How long do guided dental implant procedures take?

Expect a thorough examination and imaging during your implant consultation with Dr. Fowler. You'll agree upon a treatment plan, and return at a later date to begin the implant process.

During a one-hour surgery, Dr. Fowler will numb the area to receive the implant. Then, he will create a small hole in the bone. Using the information from the cone beam scan, he'll guide the titanium implant into its optimal position. A few sutures close the site, and you go home to heal.

Complete healing, or osseointegration, takes many weeks. At that time, you return to Franklin Family Dentistry to receive the post and crown. Your new tooth is now ready to use!

Benefits of dental implants

The biggest benefit of dental implants is realism. Dental implants are just like your real teeth. They look natural, they bite and chew forcefully, and they improve the quality of the bone which supports them.

When you lose teeth, your jaw bone and gum tissue shrink. This inevitable degradation changes your oral function, your facial features and youthfulness.

However, when you replace teeth with dental implants from Franklin Family Dentistry, you're practically guaranteed strong bone in the alveolar ridge and all the other features real teeth afford. Most implant procedures succeed and stay in place for decades, says the Institute of Dental Implant Awareness. What could be better?

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